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健 康 食 品



Leonie Maunder

联系电话:(+64) 22-676-3413

联系电话:(+64) 22-089-1720


庄园地址: 226 College Road, Bankside, Canterbury, New Zealand (7783)

办公室地址: 965 Colombo Street, St. Albans
新西兰基督城  8014


NZLavender Ltd provides three distinct options to our Business to Business customers.

B2B Option 1 - Merchant Purchases
We cater for those merchants seeking either bulk purchases of our pure, high quality NZLavender oil
or flower heads seeking to use them for culinary purposes.

B2B Option 2 - Boutique Purchases
For those who require our high-quality pure NZLavender oil, Hydrosol and NZLavender Honey in smaller quantities. We have a range of sizes available and shipping options to meet your needs reflective of your brand capacity.

B2B Option 3 Wholesale NZLavender Product Purchases

For retail businesses wishing to sell our NZLavender range products, under a certain criterion that curtails severe price discounting online in an effort to protect the profitability of all our valued retail customers.

If you are interested in becoming a B2B customer. Please get in touch with us so we can put you in contact with the sales manager for each option.

You can contact us by clicking the button below or directly call us (Ching: 022-089-1720) or email us (

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